Gujarat University Park for Industrial Extension and Research

The Park for Industrial Extension and Research (PIER) is a Research Park inside the Gujarat University campus, located in the heart of Ahmedabad – a booming centre of industry and academic excellence. Gujarat University is the oldest university of the state, established in 1949, and the state of Gujarat is known for its spirit and culture of entrepreneurship. No other state embodies entrepreneurship and industrial excellence like Gujarat does.

The Research Park is being established with a financial assistance from the state government of Gujarat, with the aim of bolstering academic-industry collaborations and partnerships. PIER will house industrial research labs, units, centres and teams and facilitate a long-term partnership of these industry partners with the University’s active, evergrowing research and academic fraternity, giving a boost to both the industrial research and academic excellence.

Envisioned as a global hub for industrial research, academic-industry collaboration and innovation, the PIER shall be the first of its kind research and innovation park in the country, and the first for any university in the country.


Impact of Research Park

Boost Research

The research park shall not only boost research temperament for the university fraternity but also the local industries

Foster Innovation

Research park shall focus on domains and sectors around cutting-edge latest innovations, fostering innovation in the region

Strengthen Academia

Through the academic interexchange model, the research park will have a massive impact on the strength of the local academia

Partners and Patrons

Park for Industrial Extension & Research a.k.a. the Gujarat University Research Park is being implemented through the GU-PIER Foundation, a not-for-profit company promoted by Gujarat University.