PIER will collaborate with Industrial corporations, Non-profits into research, innovation and academia, Government and academic research departments, Global agencies with a mandate for societal impact, and Public and private educational institutions. Every collaborator shall accrue a minimum academic interexchange (MAIX) credits each year through academic collaborations at the University in order to maintain a continued partnership with the research park.


Collaboration Formats

Introductory Perspective

Short term

A 1-3 year short-term, lease period for small and medium-ranged organisations, and project-driven, collaborative efforts

Medium term

5 to 7 year medium-term lease for mid- and large-scale organisations for elaborate research and larger project efforts

Long term

9-year standard lease for long-term partners and collaborators
Partners and Patrons

Park for Industrial Extension & Research a.k.a. the Gujarat University Research Park is being implemented through the GU-PIER Foundation, a not-for-profit company promoted by Gujarat University.